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Mission Statement

At Community Kitchen our mission is to work, alone and in collaboration with others, to eliminate hunger in Monroe County and surrounding areas through direct service, education and advocacy.

Our philosophy states that Community Kitchen provides free nutritious meals, nutrition education, referrals to other agencies, and a clean, comfortable social environment for patrons, staff and volunteers. Through daily operations and educational outreach, Community Kitchen works to educate the public about the extent of hunger in Monroe County, explain probable causes of hunger, and provide ways to respond to hunger needs. The agency’s ultimate goal is for individuals to achieve regular access to an adequate diet through normal means. A soup kitchen is not considered “normal” means, but rather a “safety net” for people who have not yet achieved food security on their own.


Services offered by Community Kitchen of Monroe County are available to everyone. There are no eligibility requirements. However, as the agency seeks to expand its services, it will target certain populations including the low-income working class, the underemployed or unemployed, individuals with disabilities, homeless individuals, pregnant or nursing mothers, and at-risk children. The dignity and worth of all patrons will be respected at Community Kitchen and an ongoing effort to protect their anonymity will be observed.

Community Kitchen was founded in 1983. Read our history here.

To find out more about our programs, visit our Programs page.

Community Kitchen Board of Directors

Alison May, President

Jeanette Barefoot, Vice President

Angela Martin, Secretary

Jim Becker, Treasurer

Chantel Adcock

Andrea Armstrong

Kyla Cox Deckard

Seth Elgar

Laurie Eynon

Lizzy Gentry

Gillian Johnston

Valeri Haughton-Motley

Troy Maynard

Alan Simmerman

Hope Snodgrass

Jeff Watson

Community Kitchen of Monroe County is tax exempt under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the agency are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Contact Our Staff

June Taylor, Volunteer Coordinator: june@monroecommunitykitchen.com

Vicki Pierce, Executive Director: director@monroecommunitykitchen.com

Tim Clougher, Assistant Director: assistantdirector@monroecommunitykitchen.com

Marty Schick, Fundraising Assistant: marty@monroecommunitykitchen.com

Jason Cook, Operations Manager: jason@monroecommunitykitchen.com

Debbie Hopson, Facilities Manager

Amy Dyken, Bookkeeper: amy@monroecommunitykitchen.com

Sarah McCue, Referral Specialist: sarah@monroecommunitykitchen.com

Heather Craig, Kitchen Supervisor: heather@monroecommunitykitchen.com

Ashley Mann, Head Start Kitchen Supervisor: ashley@monroecommunitykitchen.com

Caitlin Conley, Evan Graper, Veronica Fazio, Erik Anderson, Harrison Damm, Ezra Fox, Annalise Haldeman, Chris Stearly, Kitchen Staff

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