July 12, 2018 – ACH

It is not uncommon to hear the acronym “ACH” when discussing fundraising. We, at the Community Kitchen, use “ACH” often when asking for donations to our organization. However, for those who are not familiar with fundraising or nonprofits, “ACH” may just seem like fundraising jargon.

ACH stands for is Automated Clearing House. Simply put, it is a service that allows individuals to make electronic payments to a nonprofit organization. For example, instead of writing a monthly check to the Community Kitchen, I allow an ACH service to withdraw my donation each month and direct it to the Kitchen. It is an incredibly reliable and efficient way to ensure your donation is sent and received.

The benefit of receiving regular monthly donations is invaluable to the Community Kitchen. As a donor, or potential donor, I ask that you consider giving monthly to the Kitchen. By making recurring monthly donations you provide the Kitchen with a predictable and dependable stream of income. Like most food security nonprofits, Community Kitchen’s greatest source of income is traditionally seasonal, mainly around the time of winter holidays. However, monthly donations give the Kitchen the flexibility to plan programs knowing that there is reliable cash flow.

If you are a donor to the Community Kitchen, I deeply thank you for your support. You are a key player in the growth and care of our organization and the Bloomington community.

Hope Snodgrass, Board Member

I created this graphic to demonstrate how the Community Kitchen puts monthly donations to worthy uses.

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